Product Description

2 hp 4 Paddle Wheel Aerator Product Details

Oxygen transfer rate : 2.59 kg/h 100 % virgin Material is used.
Power Consumption : 1.4 - 1.6 Amps All the components are manufactured in India.
Input power : 440 volts 50 Hz 1 yr replacement warranty on all products other than motor
Motor : 4 pole 1440 R.P.M Highly power efficient system.
Gear Box : 1:14 reducer

Product Description

  2 HP 4 Paddle Qty.
Floats HDPE 3
Motor cover HDPE 1
2 HP Motor ARDIS 1
Gear Box Bevel Gear 1
Impellers PPCP 4
Frame SS 304/FRP 1
Shaft SS 304 2
Shaft Supporter NYLON 2
shaft Couplings Cast iron 2
Nuts & Bolts SS 304 1 set

Working Principle:

  • High speed working impellers splash the water into the air, this splashing water mix the oxygen in The air      and be brought into the water.
  • The dissolved oxygen in the water increase.
  • The working impellers produce waves and currents, which make the saturated ammonia, CO2.
  • Methane, Sulphuretted Hydrogen, etc. go out of water and improves the water quality.

Other Details:

  • Our Paddle wheel aerator are improved & produced according to international standards.
  • High efficient electric motor with low power consumption and metal gear system.
  • A mechanical Seal is available to prevent oil leakage.
  • This electric motor works in low & high voltage.
  • Langley SS frame or FRP frames holds the aerator very stable & Performance is achieved.
  • All ‘UV Resistance’ plastic parts are used for better life in sunlight also harmless for aqua animals.
  • All the spare parts are available and can be procured easily.


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