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Composite Pressure Vessel

Anu Adavance Composite Products Pvt Ltd is the best Composite Pressure Vessel Manufacturer in India offers a non-corrosive, cost-effective solution in Structural Composite Pressure Vessels when it comes to commercial or industrial water treatment and storage. For outstanding performance and reliability in harsh chemical conditions, the tanks use a fiberglass structure. We can customize a vessel to suit your needs with capacities of upto 1600 gallons and a range of choices.

The composite pressure vessels became very common in the oil and gas industry. Throughout their operation, these pressure vessels experience very high internal pressures. Due to a favorable combination of reduced weight, low maintenance and improved mechanical properties compared to conventional metal vessels, composite pressure vessels are increasingly being used in several applications today.

Environmental and economic factors for composite pressure vessels used in personal and public transport applications continue to drive market growth. The pressure vessel is constructed by Composite Pressure Vessel Manufacturer in India using a filament winding process, which allows one continuous tow of glass fiber to be mounted throughout each component at specific angles.

ALFA AEROSOL is the best Composite Pressure Vessel Manufacturer in India which has premium quality Pressure Vessel that is used in industries such as medical, metal smelting, gas consumption areas etc. to carry various types of gases and liquids at a pressure varying from the actual pressure. Our provided Composite Pressure Vessel is built in a compact manner that doesn’t take up much space and makes it easy to use. The pressure vessel we provide is also long-lasting, safe to use, reliable, high load-bearing,easy to install and maintain, smooth operation, effortless operation etc.

Some of the major factors driving the market growth are the growing demand for pressure vessels from various end-users and the increasing use of carbon fiber to manufacture pressure vessels.

Our Composite Pressure Vessel Manufacturer in India designs vessels for safe operation at specific temperatures and stresses. Any vessel not built by the required code or codes represents a significant safety hazard. Usually, we do online inspection on regular testing of the thickness of the metal in vital areas. This is done to assess the pressure vessel’s stability, and monitor when it reaches a minimum thickness for the operation of the pressure vessel. Once this point has been reached, the vessel should be repaired to avoid failure.


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